How do I convince myself to take risks for a better future?

growth mindset- rajeev ranjan

Convincing for What! Magic never happens in life. Nothing is going to come automatically in 21st century. What is need of merely convincing ourselves for nothing? If we wish to go ahead, we need to act now. If we wish to move, we need to take one step ahead. If we wish to grow, we need to act. Merely thinking and rationalization of our thoughts may not bring result. Positive outcome demands, new initiative, new approach, new outlook and new strategies. Positive outcome demands strong determination and wise decision making skill to take decision at right time and at right place.

What to do!

How to do!

How will it happen!

Right or Wrong! A long and indefinite thinking process of life. It merely takes us to a certain point. If someone really has strong desire to achieve something in life. S/he does not merely think and becomes a victim of rational, half-truth and false appearance of realistic thinker but also creates a web of complexity. So What!

Weigh Yourself Now!

Take a wise decision Now!

Act NOW…………………

You will be winner. There is nothing like looser, it is always learning. Learning is complex phenomena. Learning happens in a process, so

Keep moving! 

Keep growing! 

Keep learning! 

growth mindset-rajeev ranjan
decision making skill- rajeev ranjan
Decision making skill- act now-rajeev ranjan
decision making skill- act now- rajeev ranjan