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How to Write Negative Sentences

Negative :-

expressing “no”:

We received a negative answer to our request.

A negative sentence or phrase is one that contains a word such as “not”, “no”, “never”, or “nothing”:

“I’ve never seen him in my life” is a negative sentence.

“Don’t” and “do not” are negative forms of “do”.

More examples

The negative reply to my complaint really irked me.

The negative reply dashed his spirits.

They gave a negative response to our request for help.(Source)- https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/negative

Negatives Sentences

Read the following sentences

They are not working hard.

They will not be working hard.

They had not worked hard.

They have not been working hard.

They might not have been working hard.

We frame negative sentences.  Most of the negative sentences are framed by using “helping/auxiliary verb + not” or in another words we often use “not” after auxiliary verbs. 

We make negatives by putting not after the first part of the verb.

Read the following sentences

He does not sing a song.

I donot write a story.

Teacher did not give homework

Affirmative sentences in the simple present tense are changed into negatives by putting do not or does not before the verb.

Affirmative sentences in the simple past tense are changed into negatives by putting did not before the verb.

The most frequently used negative words are no, not, nothing, never, none, no one, nowhere, neither, and nobody. (Northern Illinois University)

There are some words which have a negative element in their meanings although they contain no overly negative affix. These words are: hardly, scarcely, barely, etc.

Incorrect:     I haven’t barely started to think about my exam.Correct:         I have barely started to think about my exam.

Complete the following negative sentences:-

Incomplete Negative  SentencesComplete the sentenceComplete the  Sentence
I am notI am not a good boyI am not singing a song.
He is not  
She is not  
It is not  
You are not  
They are not  
I was not  
He was not  
She was not  
It was not  
You were not  
They were not  
Ram has notRam has not written story 
I have notI haven’t much time.I haven’t more money.
Teachers have not  
Mother should not  
Child should not  
We will not  
The principal did not  
Shalini may not  
Sikha might not  
John could not  
Frame your own negative sentence using different subject, verb , objectFrame your own negative sentence using different subject, verb , objectFrame your own negative sentence using different subject, verb , object
They were not playing cricketWe were not sleeping.I am a good boy
We aren’t studying Russian  
Rohil is not a good singerThis is not a black cowHe is not running fast
She does not walk in the park.He did not get a good score on the test. 
 He did not win the competition. 
  Raja did not see anybody at work today.
Priya did not call me yesterday.  
The computer does not work.They don’t practice yoga. 
I do not like pizza.  
 She does not like coffee. 
You didn’t finish your work.  
They didn’t like the movie.  

Common Helping Verbs

wouldought toused to

Common Negative Words

no onenotbarely
nowhere rarely
Recapitulation        Negatives are usually formed using a negative word plus a helping verb.

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