Admission in Class 9th and 11th in CBSE Affiliated Schools –Rules-Guidelines for Students, Teachers,  Parents and Educational Stakeholders -on Account of Change of School

Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi issued clear and precise guidelines regarding admission in class 9th and 11th in CBSE affiliated schools via CBSE Circular- Coord/ROs/Admission-IX-XI/2019 dated 18.07.2019. It is clearly mentioned in the circular that:-

“Admission in class-IX and Class-XI is a natural phenomena as students of schools affiliated to the Board upto Middle Level are seeking admissions in class-IX and students from Secondary Level Schools are seeking admissions in class-XI in other CBSE affiliated schools. Also students of Senior level schools change school in Class XI due to non availability of desired subjects in the previous school.

It has been observed by the Board that many students also change school while they are studying in Class IX or XI in Secondary and Senior Secondary schools on the grounds of shifting of family, better education, distance between residence and school, medical ground, change of Board etc. Even requests are made at the fag end of the academic session for change of school. Last minute shifting of school does not provide conducive educational environment to students, as they are not well acquainted with new classmates and teachers.

In order to enable students to study in conducive environment, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been developed which are as under and should be followed: (Below 6 Pages of Admission-in-9th-and-11th-in-CBSE-Affiliated-Schools-on-account-of-Change-of-School-Circular-18-July-2019 )

Admission-in-9th-and-11th-in-CBSE-Affiliated-Schools-on-account-of-Change-of-School-Circular-18-July-2019- Rajeev Ranjan
Admission-in-9th-and-11th-in-CBSE-Affiliated-Schools-on-account-of-Change-of-School-Circular-18-July-2019- Rajeev Ranjan
Admission-in-9th-and-11th-in-CBSE-Affiliated-Schools-on-account-of-Change-of-School-Circular-18-July-2019- Rajeev Ranjan
Admission-in-9th-and-11th-in-CBSE-Affiliated-Schools-on-account-of-Change-of-School-Circular-18-July-2019-Rajeev Ranjan

CBSE Circular- Coord/ROs/Admission-IX-XI/2019 dated 18.07.2019-Page- 4- Points to Remember

1. All the documents of the previous school should be attested by the Principal of the previous school.

2. #Report Card of previous class clearly mentioning ‘Qualified / Passed’ duly attested by the Principal of school.

3. (a) In case Transfer Certificate issued by a CBSE affiliated school, directions as given in Circular No. CBSE/T.C. Uploading/2018 dated 01.10.2018 be complied with (CBSE affiliated schools should not send TC to CBSE for verification/countersignature).

(b) If Transfer Certificate issued by school recognized by another Board, it should be duly countersigned by the Educational Authorities of the Board concerned.

4. Schools will send all the requests for Class-IX and Class-XI admissions, in ONE GO in the enclosed format. No second request shall be entertained.

5. Non-refundable processing fee as mentioned below be remitted in the form of Demand Draft in favour of Secretary, CBSE payable at the place of the concerned Regional Office and be sent along with the request:-

Caution- Please visit -CBSE Official Website – before taking a decision. Always visit CBSE official website for vital information