Role and Responsibility of Assembly In charge

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery…….Mark Van Doren

PositionFunctionReporting Officer
Assembly In chargeTeachingPrincipal

Assembly In chargeRole and Responsibility

  1. Prepare time schedule for morning assembly
  2. Prepare student for assembly in coordination with class teacher(Inform class teacher well in advance/recheck/follow up to class teacher ) 
  3. Prepare assembly plan well in advanced and checked by  the coordinator and will be finally signed by the principal(One day advance)
  4. To conduct paper less assembly(develop habit among students to  speak in assembly without paper)
  5. Select positive/inventive/informative/educational news in  English/Hindi
  6. Select motivational/inspirational/positive thinking thoughts
  7. Prepare students to deliver  extempore/short speech/story telling/acting/moral/good manner/good habit
  8. Prepare birthday chart for staffs
  9. To ensure birthday celebration of students and teaching staffs in the assembly
  10. Keep birthday cap at assembly
  11. Keep a pen/pencil for birthday students
  12. Keep a birthday card for each student and teacher(inform Art & Craft Teacher in advance)
  13. Keep/maintain stock register for pen/birthday card
  14. You are supposed to inform purchasing officer (Alok)for advance demand and other required items well in advance (7days ahead)
  15. Ensure photography for birthday students/staffs
  16. Ensure neatness and cleanliness of stage and dais
  17. Ensure proper working of electronic gadgets i.e. mike (coordinate with In charge of assembly electronic gadgets Music Teacher)
  18. Hand over your role and responsibility to your co-teacher well in advance if you are taking leave/absence from school

We wish a fruitful stays at school. We firmly believe that you will contribute your 100% whole heartedly for the growth of organization. We are looking forward for your cooperation for the growth of your professionalism itself as well as for the organization.