Art and Craft Teacher’s Role and Responsibility

          The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery…….Mark Van Doren        

PositionFunctionReporting Officer


The teacher can become the instrument and medium for the birth of a new world, a new life and a new human being. Teacher is responsible and accountable for the fate of generation of a nation.  Teacher must be a motivator; an observer, a cultivator, a catalyst and a facilitator at the most to make students awaken, realize and actualize their potentialities. Henry Von Dyke rightly stated about teacher, “I sing the praise of the unknown teacher, king of himself and the leader of the mankind”. If the teachers are well educated and if they are intellectually alive and take keen interest in their job, then only, success is ensured. But, if on the other hand, they lack training in education and if they cannot give their heart to their profession, the system is destined to fail. Teaching is purely a noble profession. While talking to quality of a teacher Swami Vivekanand states that the true teacher is he who can immediately come down to the level of student, transfer his soul to the student’s soul and see through and understand through his mind. Such a teacher can really teach and none else.

Teacher is a role model. Role models are people who set good examples by the words, they speak and by the actions they speak. The teachers’ entire personality is a reflection on the minds of the students. If the teacher is honest, leads a balanced and disciplined life, the children adopt these virtues as an ideal conduct unconsciously.

Duties of Art and Craft Teacher

  1. Detailing every students
  2. Build one to one relationship with students
  3. Inspire students to use creative skill
  4. Recognize and analyze works of arts from different culture and tradition
  5. Recognize students’ own ideas, values and beliefs and communicate them through Visual Arts
  6. Develop attitude to learn and appreciate a piece of art
  7. Develop and promote self expression
  8. Beautification & Decoration of campus school building, mess, Admn. Block, Principal Chamber, Assembly Hall, Literary & in class room.
  9. In consultation with PGTs/TGTs preparation of educational aids, for display & exhibitions.
  10.  Prepare students for developing material for different cultural programmes/activity at school level
  11. Special Art Education Projects & Display.
  12. Decoration, Banners, etc. for all School functions.
  13. Participating through Art Education Exhibition at District Level & conducting District Level competition with neighboring schools.
  14. House & Mess duties as assigned by Principal.

Duties of Art and Craft Teacher

  1. Reach classroom on time(note more than 3 minutes)during changing over period
  2. Participating in the co-curricular and extracurricular activities in the school
  3. Assisting in the planning and organizing of school events and functions (Inter house Competitions, Inter- school competitions, concerts, plays, prize day, etc)
  4. Undertake professional duties and organizational tasks as reasonable delegated by the principal
  5. Non Academic Responsibility
  6. Ensure that electric fans/bulbs are not on if the students are not in the class or before leaving any classroom
  7. Ensure that classroom is neat and clean if not then inform concern person to do it
  8. Ensure that the classroom items like chalks, duster, charts etc. must be written in demand register placed on reception counter in at least one week advance
  9. Ensure that students are maintaining discipline during going to mess/returning to class/ eating in mess/maintain silence in the mess/serve food to mess(if required)/guide supportive staffs to help child/to offer serve food items properly
  10. Ensure that your suggestion for improvement of academic and non-academic environment of school must be written in teacher’s suggestion register placed on reception counter.
  11. Personal Care
  12. Always wear school uniform prescribed by management
  13. Always wear employee I Card
  14. Always wear helmet if you ride motorbike and always carry your driving license

 You are supposed to inform reporting officer for advance demand and other required items well in advance (7days ahead)

We wish a fruitful stays at school. We firmly believe that you will contribute your 100% whole heartedly for the growth of organization. We are looking forward for your cooperation for the growth of your professionalism itself as well as for the organization.


Rajeev Ranjan