Affiliation Bye-Laws 2018

(Notification Date:-18th October 2018)

Norms for CBSE Affiliation (Chapter 2)

CBSE Affiliation Norms Affiliation Bye-Laws 2018

Essential conditions for affiliation of schools

What are “essential conditions for affiliation of schools” with CBSE, New Delhi?

Affiliation Bye-Laws 2018 mentioned clearly on page number (5-6/69) section 2.3. (Essential conditions for affiliation of schools) that any educational institution in India or abroad which fulfils the following essential conditions may apply for the Board for Affiliation:

2.3.1 Establishment of School

The school should have been established by any one of the following entities:

  1. Government/Ministry Department
  2. Statutory Body
  3. Autonomous Body
  4. Public Sector Undertaking
  5. Local Body
  6. Any other government Body
  7. Registered Society
  8. Registered Trust

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