Affiliation Bye-Laws 2018

(Notification Date:-18th October 2018)

Norms for CBSE Affiliation (Chapter 2)

CBSE Affiliation Norms Affiliation Bye-Laws 2018

 What is Composite Affiliation given by the CBSE New Delhi?

Composite Affiliation

Affiliation Bye-Laws 2018 mentioned clearly on page number (9/69) section 2.7.under the heading “Composite Affiliation” that affiliation in respect of all categories of schools will be composite affiliation only. It will be mandatory for the school to run all the classes starting from the classes and up to the level for which affiliation has been granted.

The school may be granted composite affiliation for the following classes:

2.9.1. Class-1st to Class- 8th (All Schools)

2.9.2 Class-1st to Class- 10th (All Schools)

2.9.3 Class-1st to Class- 12th (All Schools)

2.9.4 Class-6th to Class- 8th (All Schools)

2.9.5 Class-6th to Class- 10th (All Schools)

2.9.6 Class -6th to Class 12th (All Schools)

2.9.7 Class 9th to Class 10th (Innovative Schools only)

2.9.8 Class 9th to Class 12th (Innovative Schools only)