Learning second language is complex phenomena. Educator needs to provide ample opportunities for learners to practice English speaking in real life situations. Educator should initiate language learning activities through simple to complex.

Educator should help second language learner initially:-

  1. To speak common English words i.e. words related to day to day life
  2. To speak simple sentences in English
  3. To speak with teacher and classmates in English
  4. To speak in English everywhere, school bus, classrooms, playgrounds

Educator should help second language learner at next level

  1. To speak more than a sentence
  2. To speak with proper pronunciation

Educator should help second language learner to speak English in real life situations. We should organize role play in the classroom. Students enjoy a lot and use English during acting several roles. Dialogue helps second language speaker to learn and practice in real life situations. It is a way of promoting language learning for “BEGINNER”

Objective of this course:-

  1. Provide exposure in real life situation
  2. Learn ‘ how to communicate in different situation with different kinds of people
  3. English Speaking through role play is an interesting learning activity
  4. How to conduct:-
  5. Role play
  6. Direct oral practice