Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on “Jaadui Pitara”

The National Education Policy 2020 envisages 5+3+3+4 curriculum pedagogical structure. The Department of School Education & Literacy under Ministry of Education has constituted a National Steering Committee headed by Prof. K. Kasturirangan to develop the National Curriculum Framework for each of the stages. The NCF for foundational stage (FS) was launched by Ministry of Education on 20th October, 2022 and as per the curriculum framework, NCERT has developed and collected Learning Teaching Material (LTM). Accordingly, “Learning Teaching Material” for foundational stage was launched today using the concept of “Jaadui Pitara”. It is expected to bring NEP and NCF-FS to practice, in the hands of teachers and students.

What is “Jaadui Pitara”?

“Jaadui Pitara” is an innovative educational toolkit launched by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). It is designed for children aged three to eight years and emphasizes play-based learning to make foundational education more engaging and effective.

Who launched the “Jaadui Pitara” initiative?

The “Jaadui Pitara” initiative was launched by Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. It works with the goals of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

What is the main objective of “Jaadui Pitara”?

 The main objective of “Jaadui Pitara” is to enhance foundational education through play-based learning. It aims to strengthen conceptual understanding and make learning enjoyable for young children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Jaadui Pitara-rajeevelt
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Jaadui Pitara-rajeevelt

What types of materials are included in the “Jaadui Pitara” toolkit?

The toolkit includes a variety of materials such as playbooks, toys, puzzles, posters, flashcards, storybooks, and worksheets. These materials are designed to stimulate curiosity and cater to the diverse developmental needs of children.

In how many languages are the “Jaadui Pitara” materials available?

Initially, the materials for “Jaadui Pitara” are available in 13 Indian languages. The initiative plans to expand this to include more languages to ensure wider accessibility.

What developmental domains does “Jaadui Pitara” focus on?

 “Jaadui Pitara” focuses on five key developmental domains: physical development, socio-emotional and ethical development, cognitive development, language and literacy development, and aesthetic and cultural development.

How does “Jaadui Pitara” align with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020?

“Jaadui Pitara” works with NEP 2020 by promoting play-based and experiential learning methods. This approach is intended to make foundational education more engaging, effective, and culturally relevant.

How can teachers utilize the “Jaadui Pitara” toolkit?

 Teachers can utilize the “Jaadui Pitara” toolkit with the help of a trainer’s handbook provided by NCERT. This handbook offers structured guidance on incorporating play-based activities into the curriculum and effectively using the toolkit materials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Jaadui Pitara-rajeevelt
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Jaadui Pitara-rajeevelt

What role does technology play in the “Jaadui Pitara” initiative?

 Technology plays a significant role by making the “Jaadui Pitara” materials digitally accessible on DIKSHA, the government’s portal and mobile app for foundational learning. This enhances the reach and flexibility of the educational resources.

How does “Jaadui Pitara” support community and parental involvement in education?

 “Jaadui Pitara” encourages parents to engage with the learning materials and participate in their children’s educational activities. This involvement reinforces learning at home and fosters a supportive educational environment, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the initiative.

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