Parenting Tips

How to Develop Good Habits and Good Manners During Vacation

Hey Kids !

Summer Vacation is a welcome break……  Break from fixed schedule, rules & regulations of school, freedom from Teachers and time table. Freedom brings more responsibility, keeping this in mind, we have planned most of the activities for you to keep you engaged positively and your energies well directed. Though teachers will not be physically present to keep a supervisory eye on you and your work. Guardian Angels at home i.e. your dear mama and papa are there to take care of your emotional, social, physical & academic needs.

We hope your home work and activities will be well managed and presented so that all of you earn a golden star  as a grade.

We wish you a wonderful time ahead!

Good Habits and Good Manners are life long assets and manners must be practiced until they become a habit.

Four magic words that are basics of good manners are – Please, Thank you, Excuse me and Sorry. Make these four words a habit and see the difference.


At home:  

  1. Help to keep the house clean especially the areas you use. Clear the toys, books or crafts that remain after you have finished.
  2. Honesty is the best policy. Tell the truth at all times.
  3. Be polite.
  4. Share the T.V time. Do not sit too close while watching T.V.
  5. Be fair with your friends, brothers and sisters.
  6. Be responsible.

At the dining table:

  • Take small helpings and refill, clean your plate up.
  • Take small bites, eat neatly, slowly with your mouth closed.
  • Help to clear the table and clean up.

In the Park:

  • Littering makes the park untidy.
  • Destroying the plants or plucking the flowers will spoil the beauty.

Wait for your turn on swing and slides

At a party:

  • Wish the host.
  • Don’t mess up somebody’s house.
  • Donot waste food

While shopping:

  • Softly ask your parent for what you want. If refused, don’t throw a tantrum.
  • Be careful, don’t touch any breakable item.

On the telephone:

  1. If there are no elders around, don’t let the phone ring long, answer it.
  2. Talk softly when someone is speaking on the phone and don’t interrupt.


  • Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Do trim your nails often.
  • Do not waste water and electricity.
  • Keep your surroundings and environment clean. It is bad habit to throw things out of the window, car or a balcony.
  • Make friends having good habits that respect their elders and use good language.

Dear Parents

Please ensure the child:

  • Speaks in English as far as possible.
  • Read picture books or story books.
  • Suggestive Series : Noddy, Bubbles , Lady Bird.
  • Listens to stories told by family members and tries to narrate stories.
  • Draws and colours pictures often.
  • Helps in small household jobs like watering plants, laying the dining table, making the bed, arranging books etc.
  • Is allowed to socialize with family, friends and relatives.
  • Watch TV /Mobile only for limited hours and limited channels.
  • Learns to be self – sufficient by learning to cover books, tie shoe laces, comb hair etc.
  • Plays some outdoor games, goes for morning and evening walk and exercises regularly.
  • Sits for his/her studies regularly and completes the holiday Home Work and prepares for the forthcoming Cycle Tests.