Stories & Rhymes for 1st Class in Hindi and English

A fox and a stork were friends. Fox was very clever. She thought of a plan. She invited stork for dinner at her home. She served him in a plate knowingly. Stork could not eat that food. Stork also thought of a plan to teach her a lesson. He also invited her for dinner and served her in a narrow hot. The fox had to remain hungry. Moral – Tit for Tat
Long ago, there was a beautiful girl named
Cinderella. She lived with her step mother and step sisters. One day the king announced a ball to select a wife for the prince. Her step sisters dressed very well for the ball and left Cinderella alone. She cried a lot. Suddenly a fairy god mother appeared. She provided her a beautiful dress. Glass slippers and a coach to reach there, with a condition to come back before 12’oclock. There she met and danced with prince. When clock strucked 12 she ran from there but left her glassy slippers there. Then prince decided to marry Cinderella. He found her with the help of glassy slippers. The prince married Cinderella and lived happily.
The lion and the unicorn were fighting for the crown. The lion beat the unicorn. All round about the town some gave them white bread. Some gave them brown some gave them plum cake and sent them out of town.
Once, there was a boy named Jack. His mother sent him to the market to sell a cow, to get some money. On the way an old man gave Jack 5 magic beans for the cow. Jack’s mother got very angry and threw the beans. Next morning Jack saw a green gigantic beanstalk reaching for in to the clouds. Jack was very curious. He climbed higher and higher on the bean stalk and reached a huge castle. There was a beast sleeping having lots of gold coins. Jack picked it up and run away. After same days Jack again went to take gold coins but then beast woke and ran after Jack. But the Jat cut that beanstalk with an axe. And the beast fell down.  
Once there was a man. He had a goose. The goose laid a golden egg everyday. The man sold the eggs and got a lot of money. One day, the man killed the goose to get many eggs. But he found no eggs in it. He was very sad.
God, we thank you for the night And for the pleasant morning bright Thank you God for each happy day for fun, for friends, for work and play Thank you God for your loving care at home, at school and every where In all we do in all we say to grow more loving day by day Thank you God for the world so sweet and for the good that we eat Thank you God for birds the sing Thank you God for every thing  

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