Message Writing-Format-Examples-Rules-Exercise

message writing format-example -rules

Message Writing

Message is a means of communication. Generally, message consists of two to three people. Usually, if a person receives a call-in absence of a person, s/he needs to write the message to the concern person or if you want to convey message to another person who is not present. It demands great expertise to convey the message properly, accurately and rationally. Language of message should be lucid, precise and concrete to avoid confusion. We should be very alert in writing message or leaving a written message to third person. Guidelines for writing message

Message Writing Format and Example

  1. Mention clearly the time, day and date of giving message
  2. Mention clearly the time, day, date and place of giving message(if a person has to report or reach somewhere)
  3. Mention the name of sender in the message
  4. Mention the name of receiver in the message
  5. Mention the purpose/reason of calling (if you receive a call)
  6. Mention only important points in the message
  7. Mention if the follow up is required for the message
  8. Mention your name/signature at the end
  9. Use indirect speech while writing message
  10. Choose proper words to convey the message
  11. Be aware about the use of (possessive pronoun), his, her, and gender also
  12. Be very specific /adhere on words limit
  13. Use the words like, ordered, requested, supposed, obligation, necessary, instructed
  14. Please standard format of Message
message writing format-example -rules

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We generally get information on telephone/ by messenger/ by third party and you have to convey /pass this message to another third party to please be clear objective about selecting your language and words so that less words and maximum message will be conveyed. Select key words like main verb and use indirect speech to convey your message.

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Exercise for Student

  1. You are Priyanka, personal assistant to Ms Sen. She was away attending a meeting when Mr Garg rang up. You spoke to him and jotted down his message in your note-pad. Write the message for Ms Sen using the information in your notes given below. Mr Garg—rang up—5pm—has received the CDs and the posters—coming tomorrow—to thank Ms Sen and to personally hand over the check. (Pearson Publication)
  2. Read the following conversation between Rakesh and Mrs Sarkar. Rakesh:

Hello, may I speak with Dr Sarkar?

Mrs Sarkar: He has gone to the hospital to attend the OPD. May I know who is speaking? Rakesh: Yes. I am Rakesh Sood. My wife has been having a severe headache since yesterday. Since this morning she has also developed a high temperature. I would be very grateful if the doctor could come over to our place to examine her.

Mrs Sarkar: Of course. Please let me note down your address.

Rakesh: It is B-49, New Colony.

Mrs Sarkar: I will give him your message as soon as he returns.

Rakesh: Thank you.

Mrs Sarkar had to leave for the school where she teaches. So she wrote a message for her husband. Write the message in not more than 50 words. (Pearson Publication)

  • Below is a telephone conversation between John and David. Since

John is leaving for his music class he decides to write a message for Leslie. Write the message in not more than 50 words. Put the message in a box.

 David : Hello! Is it 2323250?

John : Yes, it is.

David : Can I talk to Tom?

John : Sorry, he is not at home. May I know who is on the line?

David : I am David, a friend of his.

John : Would you like me to convey a message?

David: Yes. Inform him that the interview scheduled for 5th October has beenpostponed to the 7th. So he can reach Delhi by 6th evening.

  • John : I will surely convey this message to him.David : Thank you!


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