NAT-National Aptitude Test

The National Testing Agency (NTA ) conducted the National Aptitude Test (NAT-2021), a pilot project aimed to help the students acquire knowledge and skills apart from academics.

What is aptitude?

Aptitude is considered as a natural ability, natural or acquired skills or disposition of capacity for a specific purpose. It is an estimate of what a person is likely to do.

Importance and Needs of National Aptitude Test

NTA firmly believes that the right candidates joining best institutions will give India her demographic dividend.

It envisages that besides Acquired Knowledge and Specific Skills: Science Skills, Art Skills, Engineering Skills, Technical Skills, Mathematical Skills, Technology Skills and Artificial Intelligence Skills , it should include skills for future that would be expected in them, say after 5 years.

These are Growth Mind Set, Adaptability and Agility, Inter Personal Communication, Creativity, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills, have been identified as skills essential for the future.


What is the age group to appear for National Aptitude Test?

Four Level Test

Level – 1 (13-15 Years)

Level – 2 (16-18 Years)

Level – 3 (19-21 Years)

Level – 4 (22-25 Years)

Duration of Examination120 minutes (2.00 hours)

General Rules for National Aptitude Test

 The test is in Internet based mode. The candidates can appear in the test from their place of stay using desktops, mobile phones, laptops etc.

This test consists of 9 Domains. Each domain consists of 10 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

The medium of the Question paper will be in English only.

Each domain has 10 questions carrying 1 mark each. It will be an Online Test of 2 hours duration. The total is 90 marks.

 Candidates are not allowed to use calculators or any other electronic device.

 Candidates will be awarded one mark for each correct answer. There is no negative Marking.

The test is free of cost

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