What is point of trying something when you fail again and again?

Everyone of us faces same situation in our life. Sometimes, we stuck at this moment. We could not see any valid reason/could not find any reason since our nature of failing makes us blank. Notwithstanding, this situation demands introspection, because —somewhere and sometimes we may be committed unidentifiable mistakes again and again. Planning, execution and result need to be reviewed time to time for better outcome. Generally we do hard work , sometimes we do not do hard work but we assume that we are doing hard work. We live in a state of falsehood that we are doing each and everything to achieve our goal but outcome does not occur according to our expectation. What do we need to do?

Introspection -We need to introspect all issues related to our task nakedly, open-minded and judiciously.

  1. Whether we are doing proper planning or not
  2. Whether we are following our plan or not
  3. Whether we are executing our plan properly or not
  4. Whether we are using our men, method and material properly or not
  5. Whether we are working very hard to achieve our goal or not
  6. What are the crucial things we are missing in our planning, preparation and execution process
  7. What are the other points which we can add or delete at this time/at this point
  8. Whether we need to cut short the time, planning or other related thing
  9. Whether we need to do more extra effort or not
  10. Whether we have strong desire, strong will power or an positive attitude-NEVER GIVE UP- IF WE HAD DECIDED TO ACHIEVE –

We will achieve it -a person’s strong desire to maximize the possible outcome really helps to reach at the highest point. We should be a hard determined personality, if we are doing proper planning, preparation and execution to achieve our goal. In fact, the best result takes time to come . Time and patience highly require to achieve the highest goal.

Wise person tries hard to reach at his desired goal. Generally we observe that if a person has to complete 100 meter race. S/he is very excited to do it, work very hard , run very fast and reached up to 90 meters but at the 90 meters if a person begins to think something else—thousands of probabilities — if- but———-person reaches at a saturation level- in fact this saturation level/this state of mind can be too dangerous to reach the goal. Wise person takes a strong decision at this moment and tries to finish the race. Believe in yourself, you can win the race. Believe in your hard work and planning, surely you will be a winner, no matter, how many times you have been failed in your effort. Your hard work will never go in vain. Wait for right time ! Surely, you will be a winner.

Rajeev Ranjan

School Education