Time Management Skill-What do students think-Benefits of Time Management

Every one of us repeatedly says, “Time is money, Be on time, Never become late, do not delay your work, complete your work on time”, but how many of us really respect the values of time” that is a question. Have we ever checked our children whether they understand the values of time or they are non- serious actors, know the importance of time in their life? Children are very active. They know the importance of time in their life. They have interesting experience of day to day life.

We asked our students to talk about “the importance of time” and “how to use time rationally to give the best result” in our life. We asked a number of questions to the students’ age group 6 to 14 for evaluating their “time management” skill. The interesting fact about this surveyed that they might (a) Not submitted home work on time (b) Not completed class work on time and (c) Have reached at bus stop a little late but of course, they know the values of time in their  life. 7th class student Deepika Yadav stated that time is a great resource, if we use it wisely; we can achieve our desired goal. Most surprisingly a 6th class girl child Shreya said in her own language, “The Time is very precious for us if the time has gone then we cannot bring the time back. (Shreya 2) Neha Singh stated same key point i.e. we cannot get the time back which we have lost no matter even if I lost a second in our life.

2-3 students amazingly illustrated “time- management skill” i.e.  If we will manage our time, it will make us rich and good person and if we will not manage our time than the time will make us poor person. (Nilabh). Talha realizes that you will not realize importance of time till you became 16 years old. Then we realize what a beautiful and interesting childhood I had. A person thinks that “he has a lot of time” at different phases of life i.e. childhood, as a high school student, as an adult and as a mature person but we regret all those moments of life which we could not use it properly.  Kshitij connected failure in examination (class test, annual examination) with time management skill and stated that If you do work on time no one will fail you” If you will save your time it is good for you for your life. Further he added that managing time efficiently determines the success of students. Kriti a classmate of Kshitij shared same points with a little changed expression. She said that students’ successes in study depend much on managing time efficiently. Most of students agreed on rational use of available time in day to day life. Ansh stated that God gave us a beautiful life to see the world and to know about the world. He insisted that time is the biggest gift from God for us. So we should save time. Mohit insisted on self-discipline on managing time efficiently. He said, “Self-discipline is the key to manage time rationally”.

Most of the students were in favour of making a time table for efficient use of available time. They shared common points i.e. (a) Make a time table (b) Follow that time table which you have made (c) Should study, play, entertain yourself but on given time which you have mentioned in your time table. 

Children are intelligent; only we need to enrich them with wise tips and techniques for using time wisely and rationally for better outcomes.

Rajeev Ranjan