NIPUN Bharat

National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy

Key Recent Initiatives on NEP Priorities

Launched in 2021, NIPUN (National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy) Bharat is the National Mission for attaining the goals of Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) in the country as directed by NEP 2020. NIPUN Bharat aims to achieve FLN by 2026-27 for all children in the country by Grade 3.

The challenges of achieving FLN have become deeper and more widespread because of the learning loss due to school closure during the pandemic. NIPUN Bharat brings a focus on strategic implementation as well as clear indication of the necessary structures, and roles and responsibilities critical for meeting the goals outlined in Chapter 2 of NEP 2020. It has done an excellent job in focussing attention on this critical issue, and work has begun across the country on the same. It must continue full steam on this important task.

The elements of NIPUN Bharat which are curricular in nature (e.g., Curricular Goals, and Com- petencies) will be aligned to the NCF.

Resources:- National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stage-2022