Cyber Crime- “Can Happen Anytime and Anywhere”

Protect Yourself and Your Child from Cyber Crime

Safe Child Safe Nation

21st century kids and parents happiness lie on likes, dislikes and comments they get on different social platforms. We welcome strangers in our life and unwelcome own family members. Intentionally and unintentionally people post false or misleading information, malicious content and personal information for various reasons.

Are you cautious of online strangers/friends?  “Be Doubtful”

We love to chat, discuss and share information with online strangers after exchanging a few likes and comments on our post. This sharing develops into a personal bond. We love to live in this wonderland. Is it necessary to be very informal with online strangers? Is it necessary to be very personal with online strangers? Is it necessary to believe everything we read online? How do we verify authenticity of person? We agree that we cannot keep ourselves away from netiworld.  Can be cautious in revealing personal identity or information with online friends/strangers? Is it necessary to meet them personally?

SaFe Child SaFe Nation

Intelligent parent educates child at home to become ‘netizen’ and basics of ‘digital citizen’. Wise parent helps child to become a smart citizen with Smartphone enabled with 4G speed data.  If we wish to become a wise parent, we need to reflect the self for find out the solution of this problem-

  1. Has s/he taken permission to use your mobile?
  2. Does s/he share the details of game usually he plays on your mobile?
  3. Do you notice the web portal he surfs usually?
  4. Do you notice the total time s/he spends on the mobile?  
  5. Have you shared the bad consequences of giving personal details to unknown websites?
  6. Have you shared with him ‘not to chat with unknown person at social sites?
  7. Have you asked him ‘not to make friends with unknown person at social sites?
  8. Have you shared with him ‘not to send personal and family pictures to unknown online friends at social sites?
  9. Have you shared with him ‘not to share ATM Password/ATM Pin number to unknown online friends at social sites/during downloading any apps/game?
  10. Have you shared with him ‘not to download so many apps before taking your permission’?
  11. Have you asked questions to your kids, if you find an account of your son/daughter on different social sites?
  12. Have you talked with your kids about cyber crime?
  13. Does your child know the meaning of cyber bullying cyber stalking, online sexual abuse, online sexual exploitation, online commercial fraud and child grooming?
  14. Have you ever discussed with your child that if someone tries to pressurize him online, asking for personal photographs, s/he should immediately report to you?

Smartphone is integral part of life. Our life solely depends on our Smartphone. We are most modern parents, enabled with 2GB internet data pack every day, having personal account on each and every ‘social networking sites i.e. Face book, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, and having different apps i.e. WhatsApp, Tiktok, BeautiPlus and many more based on personal interest. Whenever our child wants, we provide our own mobile to him. It is indeed wonderful. Educating our kids for using rational use of mobile phone can save the child, the family and society from cyber crime, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, online sexual abuse, online sexual exploitation, child grooming and online commercial fraud.  Raising awareness among boys and girls on how to safely navigate the online world is great task for 21st century educated world citizen.

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