Educator counts student’s reluctant and aggressive nature as against norms of discipline. Educator thinks that weak students do not want to study. On the other side, since, weak students do not create self interest in study; they do not want to perform academic activities. It creates a big void between educators’ and students’ perception. Both stakeholders perceive this phenomenon on two different layers. Student weak academic performance is not result of a day, a month and so one. Somewhere, we could not identify the real difficulties. It becomes nature of student to show reluctant nature to read, write and learn something.
Academically weak students’ activities at school:- Weak student performs all activities with interest except study related activity
1. May not come to school on regular basis
2. May not follow teacher’s instruction properly
3. May not copy writing work from blackboard/green board
4. May write very slow
5. May take extra time to complete an assignment
6. Filthy handwriting on notebooks
7. May keep head and shoulder down in the class
8. May unable to keep eye contact with teacher
9. May leave notebooks/books at home
10. May show reluctant behaviour in oral activity
11. May good in oral but not willing to write
12. May be very introvert to take participate in other activity
13. May give various excuses for incompletion of notebooks and homework
14. May involve in indiscipline activities
15. May show decent behaviour; however weak in academic work
16. May be weak in academic but posses’ unique quality i.e. good singer, good in art and craft, sportsmanship, help others on various occasion or handling electronic gadgets smartly/efficiently (smart mobile phone/television)
A vigilant educator keeps keen eyes on each student. Academically challenged students may possess unique characteristic. Since, s/he has also poor self image and low self esteem; we should care his interest on priority basis. Our a little care and personal attention can bring massive a massive learning behavioural change.

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