Three Core Philosophy to Overcome Mental Health of Child during Lock down

‘If Winter Comes

Can Spring Be Far Behind!

Salute to Percy B. Shelley who composed this universal positive perspective for civilization. COVID-19 is of course one of the biggest challenges which humankind are facing in the world of most advanced technology; artificial intelligence, algorithm,  facial recognition, advanced research, health scientists, advanced technology or many more things fail to control the COVID-19. We have been suffering a lot from March 2020. Story of COVID-19 started from Wuhan China and now world map has no space without Corona positive person. More than 2 lacs people killed by this epidemic disease Corona till date; all the economic activities has been closed, business closed, production closed. COVID-19 is one of the most dangerous diseases due to its nature of spreading. We heard a famous quotes in Hindu mythology, “Na Jane Kis Vesh me Narayan Mil Jaye”. Of course, No one knows what are the shape, size and colour of this Corona.

Corona is new born baby with special features of its nature of spreading. In fact we are victim of this killer disease. Parents have been locked in this COVID-19 at home. They are facing sense of loss; loss of money, job, source of income, etc. Teen have been watching effect of COVID-19 at home on daily basis. Their schools have been closed. Teens are unable to go to school, go to playground and unable to perform various childish activities. They have been minutely observing their parents’ pain and sufferings. Teens at home are listening their parents’ discussion. They are much stressed and distressed. Since, they are living at home for a long time; they have less opportunity to talk, play, study and having fun with peers and friends. They are unable to identify their emotion, passion and personal wish.

Teen always wishes to do so many things at a time. They live in a dream world. They create an imaginary solution to solve all the existing problems of family, friends and society. If they become unable to solve all the problems from dreamy solution; it creates stress for them, they become restless and started feeling anxious, isolated and disappointed. In fact, wise teens bring so many creative, innovative and scientific solutions to so many worldly problems but due to lack of experience it may be or may not be considerable and implemented then they become stressed. Wise parents need to nurture these restless and stressful moment wisely. What do we do every day to promote the positive well-being of pupils?

Every difficulty and challenge creates learning opportunity too for us. World netizen teens are very smart, intelligent, innovative and technocrat but becomes fragile, weak and vulnerable in difficult time. Their dream is blessing and curses too. If everything is fine and tuned with teens’ wish, that’s too good and if so many things are not in tuned with their desires and dreams, it may create great cause and concern for them. We, people need to create a great emotional balance for our own self and other person and family members associated with us. How can mental health be maintained and mental wellness for our kids at home? Our 1st and foremost task is to keep keen and vigilance eyes on our kids especially we need to watch following things-

  1. Changes in activity and mood
  2. Changes in Eating/ Sleeping Habit
  3. Talking or joking about self-harm
  4. Expressing feelings of failure, uselessness or loss of hope
  5. Secretive behaviour
  6. Repeated physical pain or nausea with no evident cause
  7. Increased isolation from other family members
  8. Talking or joking about self-harm

Parenting Tips for Emotional Well-Being of Your Child

WHO defines “Mental health”, “A state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”. (WHO)

I firmly agree that “To become a parent is the most and the biggest qualifications in the world. No professional degree and skills can be required to become a compassionate parent. So, we are parents. Our love, care, affection bring the biggest changes in any one’s life. Teen’s mental health and emotional wellness are core and crucial issue in challenging and difficult time for parents and educators. We can overcome this challenge by following three core life philosophies, (1) Talk, Telepathy, Tell, (2) Love, Listen, Laugh   (3) Care, Compassion and Communication

  1. Talk, Telepathy, Tell

Break the wall of serious parenting, because stressful mind dilutes the mental wall and goes beyond the natural thinking ethos. If you find something unusual and something unnatural mental behavioral and emotional characteristics, talk to your kids, talk to your wife/husband, talk to her brother and sister and ensure yourself about the real cause of stress or changing behavior. Usually wise parents observe their kids minutely. Actively start communicating with your kids which helps you to read the kids’ mind in challenging time. We learn in life. Everything is changing, nothing is permanent. This may be difficult time for us but certainly it will change.  Positive parent convinces kids emotionally but strongly that we all together will face present and upcoming challenges. 

  • Love, Listen, Laugh  

Parenting cannot be learnt in university, YouTube and on Quora. We have our own emotions and our own sixth sense. Mother starts caring her child right from the pregnancy. No one can understand a child better than a mother/father. If we find certain behavioral, emotional and mental changes; we need to engage actively ourselves with our kids through various acts. We express our love with our kids. Positive parenting demands active listening during stressful time. Child may not be interested in sharing but we need to motivate them to share what is going inside the mind. Positive parents assure their kids, whatever matters are but we will find the solution all together. Active listening and positive response on child’s expression develops a strong bond between kids and parents. Positive parents play different games, ask kids to support him/her in household work or other interesting works to maximize participation and closeness with kids. Positive parenting looks beyond the strong and hard cell of self-image; never hesitate to share jokes and other interesting story of his /her childhood with kids. I don’t think any harm in singing a song with our kids, drawing a picture with kids, playing traditional games with kids and creating friendly and supporting  environment at home during challenging and stressful time. Positive parenting means show your love if it requires, do active listening and never hesitate for laughing with kids.  

  • Care, Compassion and Communication

We are human beings, so is our children. Children are gentle, mild and delicate. We understand the value of care, compassion and communication. Most difficult, most challenging, most critical and most acute situations can be handled with proper care, deep compassion and proper communication.

Nowadays, child observes rapid changes in his life. Rapid changes in our life are creating wonderful opportunity as well as various serious challenges. In fact, children health issues and their well-being are core concern of parent, educator and policy maker. We are the netizen of complex and ever –changing world. We face numerous challenges and pressures in every walk of life and each moment of life. We always overcome and will certainly overcome.