Learning good manners and develop English Speaking Skills

20 Good Manners at Schools

Learning is a difficult activity. Learning happens with practices. So, ensure learning in classroom by providing ample opportunities for the learners to learn in a playful manner.

Objective of this English Speaking through Good Manner Curriculum: –

  1. Provides opportunity for the learner to learn Good Manner
  2. Good manner helps a child to become a good human being
  3. Children are curious to learn good manners
  4. Instil good manner among children in a play way method

Task Time: – Educator will conduct this English Speaking Activity in Zero Period/Proxy Period

How to Conduct this Activity:-

  1. Always conduct this activity through pair work
  2. Two students will practice these manners at a time. It will be in the form of question answer.
  3. Feel free to change the partner at practice time (so that child will not accustomed with same student every time)

Teaching Techniques: – Drilling/Practice/Acting /Role Play

Role of a teacher: –

  1. Be a facilitator. Guide your student to speak each and every word in a lucid and audible voice.
  2. Ask your learner to maintain proper pace (Neither too slow not too fast)
  3. Encourage your learner to speak in a complete phrase
  4. Feel free to include new manners in each and every section so that next time we can improve this questionnaire!
  5. Check sentence pattern, grammar and spelling of this questionnaire and amend it if it is logical to edit it.

Good Manners at Schools

Good Manners “School Day”

1.     Do you wake up early in the morning?

Yes, I wake early in the morning.

2.     Do you wish ‘good morning’ to all family members?

Yes, I wish ‘good morning’ to all my family members.

3.     Do you brush your teeth daily?

Yes, I brush my teeth daily.

4.     Do you bathe regularly?

Yes, I bathe on daily basis.

5.     Do you comb your hair?

Yes, I do comb my hair.

6.     Do you keep books & notebooks in the school bag according to the school time-table?

Yes, I always keep books and notebooks in my school bag according to the school time-table.

7.     Do you polish your shoes on daily basis?

Yes, I polish my shoes on daily basis.

8.     Do you wear cleaned and   ironed/pressed school uniform regularly?

Yes, I always wear neat and clean school uniform.

9.     Do you eat something before going to school?

Yes, I eat something i.e. biscuit, bread and vegetable, fruits or take a glass of milk before going to school.

10.Do you reach bus stop on time?

Yes, I always reach bus stop on time. I try my best to reach at bus stop before 5 minute.

11.Do you stand on the road or away from main road while waiting for the school bus?

Yes, I always stand away from the main road while waiting for the school bus.

12.Do you wish ‘good morning ‘to driver uncle and your friend in the school bus?

Yes, I do wish ‘good morning’ to one and all.

13.Do you talk in English with friends in the school bus?

Yes, I always talk in English with my friend in the school bus.

14.Do you disturb other students in the school bus?

No, I do not disturb other in the school bus.

15.Do you talk politely to your friend and other students in the school bus?

Yes, I always try to speak politely with my friend and other students.

16.Do you put your hand outside the bus window?

No, I never do. In fact, it is dangerous. It is a bad habit.

17.Do you help your younger brother/sister to sit properly on a seat?

Yes, I do it daily. In fact, I feel happy, when I help someone.

18.Do you push or pull others while get down from the school bus?

No, I never do it. It is a bad habit.

19.Do you get down from school bus in a line?

Yes, I always get down from school bus in a line.