Dear Educator

Learning is a difficult activity. Learning happens with practices. So, ensure learning in classroom by providing ample opportunities for the learners to learn in a playful manner.

Objective of this English Speaking through Good Manner Curriculum: –

  1. Provides opportunity for the learner to learn Good Manner
  2. Good manner helps a child to become a good human being
  3. Children are curious to learn good manners
  4. Instil good manner among children in a play way method

Task Time: – Educator will conduct this English Speaking Activity in Zero Period/Proxy Period

How to Conduct this Activity:-

  1. Always conduct this activity through pair work
  2. Two students will practice these manners at a time. It will be in the form of question answer.
  3. Feel free to change the partner at practice time (so that child will not accustomed with same student every time)

Teaching Techniques: – Drilling/Practice/Acting /Role Play

Role of a teacher: –

  1. Be a facilitator. Guide your student to speak each and every word in a lucid and audible voice.
  2. Ask your learner to maintain proper pace (Neither too slow not too fast)
  3. Encourage your learner to speak in a complete phrase
  4. Feel free to include new manners in each and every section so that next time we can improve this questionnaire!
  5. Check sentence pattern, grammar and spelling of this questionnaire and amend it if it is logical to edit it.

Good Table Manner

What are good manners when we eat food/we take meal with family members and guests?


  1. Wash your hand before eating.
  2. No toys, or pet to brought to the table.
  3. Take your cap off at the dinner table.
  4. Wait for everybody to be seated before starting to eat.
  5. Wait until everyone has been served before you eat.
  6. Sit up straight, no slouching, and no elbows on the table.
  7. Use your knife to cut and your fork to put the food in your mouth.
  8. Ask for things to be passed to you, don’t lean over the table.
  9. Don’t grab everything you want first – help others to get their food and be prepared to share.
  10. Bring your food up to your mouth rather than bending over to reach it
  11. Cut your food to mouth size pieces
  12. Chew food with your mouth closed.
  13. Don’t talk with your mouth full. It is not a good look!
  14. If the food is too hot, do not blow on it. Wait for it to cool
  15. Asks for second time if you are still hungry.
  16. Do not put your knife in your mouth.
  17. Put your knife and fork together on your plate when you have finished. The fork should be facing down
  18. Do not play with your food or utensils
  19. Do not spit your food out onto your plate.
  20. If your hair is long, do not flick it around the table
  21. Do not comb your hair at dinner table
  22. It is good manner to let the elders to talk on the table.
  23. Do not fight with brother/sister and mother at dinner table
  24. Do not pick or blow your nose at the table, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom
  25. Say thank you to your mother or the cook for the lovely meal. They will feel happy.