“Non-Attending” or Flying Admission”

Non-Attending-Flying Admission in Class 11 and 12-Legal or  Illegal act-Demand -Compulsion-Competition-for-Student-Parent-School-School Management
Non-Attending-Flying Admission in Class 11 and 12-Legal or Illegal act-Demand -Compulsion-Competition-for-Student-Parent-School-School Management

Students, parents, schools and other educational stakeholder are facing a great challenge i.e. “how to cope up with regular classroom learning and preparing for the most prestigious entrance exam like NEET, IIT for a better career option. After 1990s Indian education system witnessed a massive change in school education system. Earlier, most of the students were part of Government Senior Secondary School/Intermediate College. They used to study 10+2/Intermediate level in different Government organizations. Only elite class family used to send their kids in CBSE affiliated school in metropolitan city or 2 tier cities. Most of CBSE students were counted as highly cultured as compare to student like us who studied in Government schools.

In between 1990s decade middle class people started shifting from village to good city for good schools. 2000s decade saw a great shift from Government school to CBSE affiliated School. Nowadays even lower income middle class families spend 20-25% of their income on education. Several coaching institutes  established in between 2000- 2005 in different parts of country who started selling high aspiration and high dream to students and parents for ensuring good result in ‘entrance test of IITs/Medical ‘. Parent and student faced a big question ‘how to balance between coaching classes and regular classroom’ learning in school. Gradually, a new concept started in school education system that is “Non-Attending” or Flying Admission” in all over India.

Why does a school take “Non-Attending” or Flying Admission” in class 11th?

CBSE affiliated schools take “Non-Attending” or Flying Admission” in class 11th due to various reasons, that can be

Pressure from good parents whose wards scored good marks in 10th board examination

School prestige that if we will give “Non-Attending” or Flying Admission” in class 11th then good students may not take admission in another school

Pressure to perform well to keep the school name and fame at the top if good students qualify different prestigious entrance examination

Pressure from students those who wish to crack IITS/NEET

Pressure from management to fetch more and more number of students

Is it a legal procedure? Does CBSE allow school management to take “Non-Attending” or Flying Admission”?

In all over world –apart from Online courses and some of distance course (non- technical and non –practical) and NIOS in India  –no educational organizations and institutes authorized to give “Non-Attending” or Flying Admission” in any of the regular courses. In fact, “Non-Attending” or Flying Admission” is an illegal act. CBSE clearly mentioned its rules and precise guidelines in CBSE Affiliation Bye-Laws 2018 on Page no- 35 under Chapter 14-named General Rules. 14.1 rules clearly stated that “every school is bound to follow the Affiliation Bye Laws of the board mutatis mutandis.

14.2 Board’s Examination:-

It is mandatory for every affiliated school to follow the Examination Bye Laws of the board mutatis mutandis.

14.2.1 Every affiliated school shall present a list of number of students and their particulars in respect of Classes IX, X, XI & XII at the time of beginning of an academic session in the manner prescribed by the board.

14.2.2 No affiliated school shall present the candidates to the Board examination who are not on its rolls

14.2.3 No affiliated school shall present the candidates to the Board’s examination who are enrolled in an unaffiliated School/Branch

14.2.4 No affiliated school shall present the candidates to the Board’s examination who are on its roll but have not attended the school regularly or do not meet the requirement of minimum attendance for appearance in the Board’s examination

14.2.5 Every affiliated school shall sponsor regularly its bonafide and eligible students in Board Class X and XII examination from ———————-the non-sponsoring of the candidates

CBSE is fair in its rules and guidelines as mentioned in Circular CBSE/LOC/112509/2018 dated 16th October , 2018 subject cited – submission of list of candidates (LOC) for class 10th and 12th examination , rule number 15stated -“School should send names only those students who are bonafide regular candidates of the school. In the event of sponsoring unauthorized candidates (or students from other non-affiliated school) strict actions per as the Affiliation Bye-Laws will be taken against such schools. ” In fact CBSE is serious for organizing regular classroom teaching learning process. Classroom learning is a process of ensuring holistic development of child. CBSE or other state board have strict rules of attending at least 75% regular classroom teaching learning process before filling LOC.

“Non-Attending” or Flying Admission” is very common in CBSE affiliated schools/schools not affiliated with CBSE but running 10+2 illegally. Earlier low profile CBSE affiliated schools used to take “Non-Attending” or Flying Admission” in class 11th, however, nowadays most of the school encourages this concept. Even most prestigious schools sometimes take “Non-Attending” or Flying Admission” in class 11th due to heavy pressure from parents’ whose children scored excellent marks in class 10th board examination, and pressure from the school management to take more and more admission. We find more than 100 questions on www.quora.com   i.e. Are there nonattending schools in South Delhi?What are non attending schools? , and we can find millions of viewers of these questions’ answer. 

What does it mean? We find a common culture from Kanyakumari to Kacch and east to west in India for “Non-Attending” or Flying Admission”.  A Big syndicate of students, parents, teachers, school, and school management has been encouraging the concept of “Non-Attending” or Flying Admission” in class 11th  for a long time. We cannot make a general statement that most of the school encourages the concept of “Non-Attending” or Flying Admission” in class 11 but certainly so many schools (CBSE Affiliated/Not CBSE Affiliated) involve in this business. If CBSE gets serious complain about a school who is taking “Non-Attending” or Flying Admission”, CBSE initiates strict action against the school. “If the school is disaffiliated, the future of the students will be at risk. Hence, they should avoid nonattending schools,” said a CBSE official. … “The schools are not allowed to enroll students for non-regular classes. As per the CBSE guidelines, 75% attendance is mandatory for the students to sit in exam.Indeed, a large number of CBSE affiliated schools purely and piously believe in regular classroom teaching learning process. They do not take “Non-Attending” or Flying Admission” in class 11 for the sake of imparting quality education and for the sake of creating a positive educational culture. As an educator, I am totally against the concept of “Non-Attending” or Flying Admission” in class 11th. 10+2 is an integrated course developed for students. Classroom is pious place for holistic development of a child. Educators, parents and other stakeholder should respect the piousness of “Regular Classroom Teaching Learning” process.

Rajeev Ranjan


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