How do I cope up with the failure of getting low marks in class 12 science?

Have you noticed in your life — the reason for your failure — truly speaking — every one in this world is unique individual —- a little bit smart — a little bit confused — a little bit confidence – a little bit lack of confidence — no one is perfect, however everyone needs to work hard to reach the highest points of feeling of excellence ————we know our problem and we know our solution too—- but we do not want to work on it — the day a person starts working on his weakness and strength — the moment that person becomes unique personality —

Believe me we can do well in science too — no subject is too tough to learn- we can learn— we fail because we do not work very hard in that subject—- the reason can be thousands— lack of interest in that subject— lack of hard work – lack of practice —- lack of will power to do self study to make a particular uninteresting subject into an interesting subject— SELF STUDY— is the best medicine to overcome How do I cope up with the failure of getting low marks in class 12 science?

My questions are —

  1. how many times we study a particular chapter/ a particular subject/ a particular topic
  2. how can we say — i could not understand a concept/ a chapter without our struggle to learn
  3. how many times we learn something new/something complex without doing effort of learning
  4. how many times we tried to learn and did not learn
  5. how many times we examine our reason of failure although we worked hard
  6. how many times we examine our reason for lack of understanding
  7. how many times we examined our preparation, planning and execution  for better result
  8. how many times we worked on feedback/advice given by teachers/parents/peers

We can learn science if we really wish to learn — otherwise it is just like beating a spoiled drum without knowing its bad condition – we can do it — just need to do work hard..

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