Which subject has a great scope in academic learning?

21st century witnessed a great change in all walks of life. Now , we have a number of opportunities in almost all fields. Subject has great impact, however i firmly believe that Individual can make the biggest difference, no matter what subject, which stream————-the most important questions are

  1. Do we have self confidence
  2. Are we ready to move further
  3. Are we ready to work hard
  4. Are we ready to practice more
  5. Are we ready to do intensive self study
  6. Are we ready to plan properly
  7. Are we ready to enhance our skills
  8. Are we ready to explore every possible opportunity
  9. Are we ready to make it our own
  10. Are we ready to become expert of special field

Dear Fellow

In this era of competitive world — we need to be excellent — if not excellent — try to reach at the level of point of excellence — you will be create wonder in life…your  self -belief , your self will power and your positive self image ——going to bring a massive change ———subject and stream will be left behind — you will be master of what do wish to do—————so are you ready my fellow friend —

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I failed class 12 two times. I am having suicidal thoughts. Is there any way to come back?

Life never ends with examination — we have ample of opportunities -where we can excel in our life. Our life is full of journey — move ahead—but remember one thing —

Whatever happened — happened —no one can bring back — neither time nor situation —- nor— result —but one thing can be done by all of us — ACT NOW—- wise people never ever moan — feeling guilty——-wise people makes this moment a great opportunity- a great challenge to learn——

Yes— only thinking —- nothing is going to change —- action will change everything—- delayed action will not change everything —- YES one thing can change — start working hard —- begin now— if not now —- then never————believe in yourself—- you can create wonder— no matter how many times — a person fails in his vision and mission———


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What best advice could be given to all CBSE board appearing students?

Believe in yourself…. CBSE is students’ friendly board —has prescribed syllabus and curriculum……………..All the solutions of life problems become only solutions if we do not work on it — working on right solutions of a problem demands a great courage and self discipline—————-forget to find out solutions ——-start working on completing syllabus—

  1. Read all the chapters word by word
  2. Read all the chapters of all subjects without taking burden of learning – just read it
  3. Underline the key words/key concepts/key points of all chapters
  4. Always practice mathematical problems by your own -on paper
  5. Do writing practice of English/Hindi
  6. Develop comprehensive knowledge of all subjects – each subject has same value and same weight-age
  7. Self study is the best solution for all the academic/ learning problems
  8. Forget collecting notes, guides , ideas from so many websites — only wastage of time- focus on NCERT — read as many times as you can
  9. Wise student focuses on self study and wonder happens
  10. Leave overthinking/too much planning — start doing self study from today —- and begin your self study NOW——after 10 months — you will be a different/unique personality in vicinity

Common friend ! – you can do it — start it — no Pandit —No Maulvi —no religious personality will tell the exact time to begin self study— it should happen NOW.

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