Do teachers ever feel jealous towards students?

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Do teachers feels jealous towards students

Does a father feel jealous of his son/daughter wise and brilliant nature? Does not’ he……Does a painter feel jealous of his own creation…does a gardener feel jealous of most beautiful flower of his garden—-does he not——we are creation of our most humble —most respectable —teacher. A teacher shares all his knowledge with students to make a good humane being who can lead personal and professional life wisely. If someone shares learning secrets and knowledge secrets with you— that person can never ever be jealous of your achievement——a jealous person can never do the same————-teacher loves you — teacher adopts you — teacher adores you —— teacher nurtures you —teacher feels pride on every little noticed and unnoticed success of students—-how can be teacher jealous of students———love your teacher and thank HIM for everything HE tried to give you—-once upon a time you can doubt yourself — but never ever doubts your teacher————-

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