Study Timetable-Tips for Preparation and Execution

Time -Importance of Time -Rajeev Ranjan

Making time-table for study is really an appreciable act. Implementing study time-table is upheaval task. Indeed, making an ideal study timetable is an easy act. We met a number of students from class 5th to pursuing Master Degree or preparing for competitive exams. Everyone is worried about time- management but a few students are really serious about this. Over thinking on time management is merely futile worried task. A general tendency has been observed from many years that over thinker, non-serious or even serious student seems very serious in making study time-table but most negligent people in following time table. What do you think? What are reasons of failure in following study time- table while the person himself/herself was involved in preparing time-table? Where do we find the gap?

We need to introspect ourselves before preparing a study time table? Do we need to prepare such a strict time table (calculation of minute to minute)? Are we a machine integrated with Artificial intelligence or humane being or someone else? Wise student considers various points before making a proper and rational study timetable. Every person of this universe has only 24 hours in a day. We need to consider our physical, mental and emotional strength and weakness before making a concrete study timetable?

Do we consider following points before making proper study timetable?

How many hours do we have in our hands in day for study?

How many hours do we have for self study?

How many hours do we have for completing other essential tasks for surviving?

How many hours do we have for completing tasks other than study?

Is it necessary to study everything in a day?

Is it necessary to practice everything in a day?

Are we prioritizing our task from simple to complex?

We are human beings. Our mental level fluctuates several times in a day. The most interesting facts about mind is its nature of fluctuation i.e. sometimes it may fluctuate due to some or other reasons and sometimes it may fluctuate without reason. 

It is not important to prepare a strict timetable rather it is important to follow it rationally. The most important factors are—

Are we ready to sit for doing study according to your fixed time? Sitting at right time and right place are most crucial points for implementation of study timetable. Student’s self strong desire, strong will power and strong determination to plan and prepare rational study timetable can give desired outcome. Study timetable should be for the sake of following, not for the sake of only preparing ideal timetable.

Student’s study timetable is based on need of hour. Students should have broader vision while preparing his/ her study timetable like—

Am I preparing study timetable for one day, one week, and one month or for more than this?

How much time we have to cover our curriculum and syllabus?

How many days are remaining for practice?

How many days we have to revise our syllabus?

Do we have enough time for completing other day to day activities?

Do we have enough time for spending with siblings and parents?

Do we have enough time for sleeping?

Do we have enough time to keep ourselves healthy?

Do we have enough time for recreation?

Making an ideal study-timetable is as easy as cooking “Maggie” but upheaval task to follow it. Wise students not only prepare rational study timetable but also ensure its implementation. What is use of making an idealistic study timetable that is too difficult to follow? Generally it is observed that students seem to very enthusiastic while preparing study time table. They follow it strictly in first a few days of planning but gradually students’ enthusiastic downgraded, intrinsic desire to study more and more is left somewhere and at last they forgot their worry to study according to timetable and is left every worry  in the hand of “fate”. Last but not least, they hope for “Magical” learning outcome by the grace of God.

Time -Study Timetable -rajeev ranjan  --rajeevelt
Study Timetable

Believe in yourself. Believe in your hard work. Nothing happen in this world magically. Introspect yourself before your planning of study timetable. Strict study timetable will not help student to achieve excellence in learning but surely desire to work consistently for long time gives the best result in our life, therefore plan a study time table which can be executed and followed by us for long time. Believe me sometimes and somewhere every student feels to make a proper study timetable, every student might be prepared study time table but only a few planned and executed his/her study timetable consistently and wisely. Those people who planned and executed their study timetable are now enjoying the post and respect in the society. Those people who planned an idealistic study timetable but could not executed properly and rationally are still struggling to survive in this 21st century highly competitive world.

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Study timetable

We have only 24 hours in a day for one and all person of this universe. Successful and failure person have same 24 hours in a day. Time is the most crucial and precious aspect of life. Once passes-never comes back.