Learning is a difficult activity. Learning happens with practices. So, ensure learning in classroom by providing ample opportunities for the learners to learn in a playful manner.

Objective of this English Speaking through Good Manner Curriculum: –

  1. Provides opportunity for the learner to learn Good Manner
  2. Good manner helps a child to become a good human being
  3. Children are curious to learn good manners
  4. Instil good manner among children in a play way method

Task Time: – Educator will conduct this English Speaking Activity in Zero Period/Proxy Period

How to Conduct this Activity:-

  1. Always conduct this activity through pair work
  2. Two students will practice these manners at a time. It will be in the form of question answer.
  3. Feel free to change the partner at practice time (so that child will not accustomed with same student every time)

Teaching Techniques: – Drilling/Practice/Acting /Role Play

Role of a teacher: –

  1. Be a facilitator. Guide your student to speak each and every word in a lucid and audible voice.
  2. Ask your learner to maintain proper pace (Neither too slow not too fast)
  3. Encourage your learner to speak in a complete phrase
  4. Feel free to include new manners in each and every section so that next time we can improve this questionnaire!
  5. Check sentence pattern, grammar and spelling of this questionnaire and amend it if it is logical to edit it.
  1. A conversation between two friends about asking for help. 

Abhimanyu:- Good Evening. How are you?

Sajal:- Fine, How are you?

 Abhimanyu:- Today, I could not go to school due to my headache.

Sajal:-How is your health?

Abhimanyu:- Fine, could you help me?

Sajal:-Yes, Please tell me.

Abhimanyu:- Could tell me about today’s homework?

Sajal:-Yes, you can copy it in your notebook.

Abhimanyu:- If you don’t mind , could you share today’s class notes with me.

Sajal:-Sure, You can see.

Abhimanyu:- Would you a like a cup of coffee or tea?

Sajal:-Thank you so much. I would like to have a cup of coffee.

  1. A conversation between doctor and a patient

Patient:- Good Morning Dr. Gulati             

Doctor: Good Morning Mr. Ranjan

Patient:- Sir, I have been suffering from fever since morning.

Doctor:- Do you have any other problems?

Patient:- Yes, I am also feeling headache and body pain.

Doctor:- Let me check your fever. It is 101 degree F.  Don’t worry. I am giving you medicine. Take your medicine thrice a day with hot water. 

Patient:- Thank you doctor.

Doctor:- Kindly give your blood sample at counter no. 5 for checking possibility of Malaria.

Patient:- Thank you doctor. What should I eat doctor?

Doctor:- You should eat Chapati and Green Vegetables. You should also eat fresh fruit and milk regularly.

Patient:- Thank you doctor.

  1. A conversation between customer and shopkeeper 

Customer:- Good Morning uncle

Shopkeeper:- Good Morning. How can I help you?

Customer:- I want to purchase a new pair of shoes.

Shopkeeper:- Please tell me your shoes size. 

Customer:- It is eight.

Shopkeeper:- Good. These are three best items.

Customer:- Uncle, could you show me  brown shoes in pure leather?

Shopkeeper:- Of course, here it is brown one.

Customer: – What is price of this pair?

Shopkeeper: – It is 1250 Rs.

Customer: – Uncle, will you give me 10 percent discount on this item.

Shopkeeper: – Sorry. I sell all the items on a fixed price.

Customer: – Thank you so much uncle.

Shopkeeper: – It was my pleasure to meet you. Please visit my shop for quality product.

  1. A conversation between son and father

Son:- Good Morning Papa

Father:-  Good Morning, How are you ?

Son:- Fine

Father:-  How is your performance in school?

Son:- It is good, I achieved good marks in class test.

Father:- Great, I know you are doing hard work.

Son:- Thank you so much. I want to share something with you.

Father:-  Please tell me

Son:- My class teacher is planning for an academic tour to Varanasi. I want to go to Varanasi along with my friends. I have to submit 500 Rs. for the tour.

Father:-  Could  you tell me programme details i.e. day, date and duration?

Son:- We will go to Varanasi on Sunday, 9 July 2017. We will start our journey at 9.00am from school and return back at 7.00pm. You will receive me at 7.30pm from the school gate.

Father:-  Good, you can go.

Son:- Thank you so much.

  1. A conversation between two friends about doing exercise in the morning.

Shubhm:- Good Morning Shubhm.

Nilabh:-  Good Morning Nilabh.

Shubhm:- Where are you going early in the morning?

Nilabh:-  I am going to Gill Sports ground?

Shubhm:- What do you do there?

Nilabh:-  I do several exercises i.e. running, jumping.

Shubhm:- Do you exercise under a sport trainer?

Nilabh:-  Yes, I do exercise under a sport teacher?

Shubhm:- Why do you exercise early in the morning?

Nilabh:-  I want to keep myself healthy.

Shubhm:- What is your exercise schedule?

Nilabh:-  Usually, I start my exercise with warm up activity. I run 5 hundred meters in a day. My trainer guides me in doing several exercises.

Shubhm:- Is it beneficial for school children?

Nilabh:- Yes, it is beneficial. We feel ourselves energetic whole day.  It keeps us healthy.

Shubhm:- Will you help me to do so?

Nilabh:-  Yes, I will ask my trainer. In fact, we will enjoy doing exercise together.

Shubhm:- Thank you Nilabh for your support.

Nilabh:-  Hope to see you in the ground.

  1. A conversation between two person about asking time

Aditi:- Excuse me , what time is it.

Ayush:- It is seven forty-five.

Aditi:- Excuse me, could you tell me the time ?

Ayush:- It is sharp eight

Aditi:- What is the time , please?

Ayush:- It is quarter to four. (3.45)

Aditi:- Excuse me , what time is it.

Ayush:- It is quarter past seven.

Aditi:- Excuse me , what time is it.

Ayush:- It is 10a.m.

Aditi:- Excuse me, could you tell me the time ?

Ayush:- It is three  o’ clock.

Aditi:- Excuse me, could you tell me the time ?

Ayush:- It is half past five.

Aditi:- Excuse me, can you tell me the time ?

Ayush:- It is ten to five (4.50)

  1. A conversation between two friends

Khusi:- Hi, Khayati

Khayati:- Hi

Khusi:- How are you?

Khayati:- I am fine.

Khusi:- How are you doing?

Khayati:- I am doing good. What about you?

Khusi:- Me too

Khayati:-  Can we go to watch Bahubali?

Khusi:- Yes, I can go.

Khayati:- Can we go in the night show?

Khusi:- Yes, I will take permission from my parent. I will call you in the evening.

Khayati:- Sure, I will wait for your call.

Khusi:- How will we go to the mall ?

Khayati:- We will hire auto rickshaw.

Khusi:- Thank you

  1. A conversation between two friends

Sadab:- Good afternoon

Ritu:- Good afternoon

Sadab:- So, where are you going now?

Ritu:- I am going to meet my friend Garima in Kolkata Market.

Sadab:- Oh, so nice, I have to buy a new school uniform.

Ritu:- Will you accompany me?

Sadab:- Yes, it will be great fun for me.

Ritu:- So, can we move now so that we can reach on time.

Sadab: Sure

  1. A conversation between two friends

Salman:- Hi, Good evening

Ritik:- Good evening

Salman:- What a surprise! It is a pleasure to meet you.

Ritik:- How did you come to this place?

Salman:- I came to meet Mr. Rehman

Ritik:- Did you have any problems finding this place?

Salman:- Not at all, I visited this place thrice.

Ritik:- Would you to have a cup of tea?

Salman:- Sure, I will

  1. A conversation between two friends

Varun:-Hi Alia

Alia:- Good morning Varun

Varun:- What are you doing here?

Alia:- I am  searching a book shop here?

Varun:- You are at right place. There is Sharma book store.

Alia:- I want to buy a story book.

Varun:- Sharma book store is a complete book shop. You can find different types of books there i.e. story book, novel, textbook etc.

Alia:- Thank you so much for this kind information.

Alia:- Can you accompany to reach Sharma book store.

Varun:- It is my pleasure to accompany you. I am also going there to buy Cambridge English Grammar.

Alia:- So nice of you.

Varun:- Let us walk to Sharma book store