What are the top 10 principles of effective teaching?

Teaching is an art. Classroom management demands teaching learning skills. Teaching skills consist of proper planning, and execution of planning by keeping essential things in mind—Men. Method, Material,

Effective Teaching Includes-

  1. Subject knowledge of Teacher
  2. Preparation and planning of teacher
  3. Execution of planning in the classroom
  4. Caters the need of mixed group of learners in the classroom
  5. Caters the need of Good Academic Performers of the classroom
  6. Caters the need of Weak Academic Performance in the classroom
  7. Ensures involvement/ensures partnership of student in the classroom
  8. Integrates Technology in the classroom
  9. Develop the best assessment and evaluation tools and techniques in the classroom to evaluate different types of learners
  10. Having a fine human being to understand the emotion, passion, learning styles, learning nature of individual student and consider students as fine human being not a learning machine “ Input = Output

Teacher’s expertise lies in managing a mix group of students smartly for ensuring the best learning outcome. Teacher’s subject expertise, well advanced proper planning before entering in the classroom, his ideas to integrate technology, his better time management skill and his better communication skill enhance students’ learning experience in the classroom.

Classroom Management Tips and Techniques to Increase Students’ Learning