Online Teaching Tips, Ideas, Advice and Strategies for Teachers to Conduct Effective Teaching Learning

Online teaching is the best opportunity for teachers to connect with students. Teaching is an art. We need to nurture our students through virtual connection. It is challenging but not too much difficult. We need to change our teaching perspectives. Wise teacher always takes numerous challenges in daily life. Teaching demands a lot of preparation, planning, and persistent before organizing and conducting a class with different types of learners. Wise teacher uses diverse teaching techniques for nurturing different types of students in a classroom. We are living in a virtual world. Netizen are performing all most all types of activities with the help of virtual connection without physical touch. Online teaching is one of them.

We find vertical growth in online teaching. Sometimes we go to the field without any preparation and planning and several times we organize it with complete planning, however we invest so much time in this virtual activity. What is objective of online teaching? What do we want to achieve through online teaching? How do we want to do online teaching? What are the key points to remember before and after online teaching? Wise educator considers all the possible areas. Our main motto of online teaching is to develop connection with students through technical means. Connection, communication and comprehension help every one of us to achieve our designed goal. Teacher establishes a connection with students before discussing the learning topics. If we have technical supports, i.e. different electronic gadgets with proper internet connection, we can organize an online teaching learning session. Teacher needs to be more cautious because in online teaching s/he is only architect of learning activities. Proper and precise communication with students will ensure the active learning involvement.

Online Teaching Tips -Rajeev Ranjan
Online Teaching Tips -Rajeev Ranjan

Warrior never goes in the battle field without preparation, planning and practice. We can assess the situations but we cannot predict their results. In fact, result will surely depend on our practice and planning, therefore wise teachers plan well before conducting an online class. Let’s consider these key points for conducting an online class.

  1. Planning- Wise educator plan well before actual online teaching i.e.
  2. What is syllabus?
  3.  What is topic?
  4. How much time to cover topic
  5. Complexity level of topic
  6. Learners’ level and background
  1. Preparation- Wise teacher prepares below mentioned points to save time and students’ learning interest intact. Wise teacher writes down each and every minute detail to ensure an effective online teaching session
  2. Keys concepts in the chapter/topic
  3. Key examples/illustrations
  4. Key activity if it requires
  5. Questions to be asked during online teaching
  6. Home work
  7. Readymade answer in bullet points
  1. Execution- Since we can see and hear each other in an interactive online class, teacher needs to be extra cautious. Below mentioned key points can help teacher to organize effective online teaching sessions
  2. Give precise and clear instructions to avoid clash and complexity
  3. Motivate students to asks questions
  4. Avoid creating error threatening environment during teaching
  5. Avoid ambiguous language
  6. Avoid blaming/stamping/demotivating students’ during teaching
Online Teaching Tips -rajeev ranjan
Online Teaching Tips

Online teaching is the need of hour. Online teaching is blessing for students, teachers and parents. Teacher needs to consider online teaching as “War Time” act when every moment and every strategy is compulsorily reviewed according to challenges on daily basis. Be the change to change the world! 21st century teacher teaches 21st century netizen who are equipped with latest electronic gadgets. No one knows what technological changes and challenges we are going to witness after 10, 20 , 30 or 60 days from now.
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